Privacy Policy

This “privacy policy” document essentially demonstrates and clarifies what data YNOTPICS (“we” or “our”) intend to collect from you and about you while we provide our services to cater to your need. This document shall also state how we are committed towards providing you with an incomparable user experience by using the information collected from you to understand and serve you better.

By accessing our service and accepting our privacy policy, you express your consent to our information collection and usage as prescribed in this document.

YNOTPICS preserves the right to make any kind of modifications or changes to this privacy policy at any time and will take 30 days to make those changes effective post its announcement in any form for example, through personal email associated with your account (if applicable or required). If you find the modified privacy policy unacceptable then you may not proceed with accessing our website.

Collection of information:

Non-personally identifiable information (generic information):

We shall collect generic information from our members accessing our website such as behavior on our website, demographics and interests so that we can use it for our internal research to improve our services. This information would also collect data from your url and your IP address. We might require to share your IP address in situation arising conflict against the government, if ordered.

Personally identifiable information:

We might want to store personal information about you such as your first name and last name, your email address, details of photos being uploaded by you or by your account and website url. Such information collected from our stakeholders would be collected to provide our services as promised and by no means those information would be shared or sold to any third party. All such information would be stored in a secured environment ensuring protection to your privacy and identity.

These information being collected from our stakeholders would allow us to know them better, assist them whenever required, understand their requirements better and resolve queries. Additionally, we could also use your email id to send you our updated newsletter and share any sort of important announcement from our side.

Cookie Policy:

Our website might drop a cookie on your system when you visit our website for the first time. A cookie is just a tiny bit of text file which contains a string of information about you, your system, your browser etc. These cookies would help us to know who you are, what you looked for on our website to serve you better and know you when you login to our website for the next time. If you don’t wish to keep any cookie on your system, then you can remove cookies from your browser and reset it. This might again limit your experience in terms of website usage when you remove our cookie.

We express our commitment to protect your personally identifiable information from any sort of security threat and third parties and other members but except situations when we are forced to do so by any law enforcement agencies.

Age Policy:

Usage of our website is strictly restricted for users under the age of 18. This website is only meant for the usage of adults as termed under the provision and regulation of the government i.e. 18 years onwards so that an individual user is covered under all the laws and regulations applicable to any mature adult.

External links Policy:

This website might have external links/backlinks used for marketing and redirecting purpose within it and clicking on such links might redirect a user to some other website. It is to be noted that we do not own the content and authority over such external websites and we are not to be held responsible for any type of content those external websites lead a user to. Any request or command of whatsoever nature received by us regarding the content of external websites will be considered void since we do not hold any right and authority over third party websites. It is the sole responsibility of those websites and we are not blamable for their display and choice of content.