Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This document herein defined as ‘Terms and conditions’ shall constitute an agreement to be considered legally between any user and the company (“we” or “our”). This shall most importantly control your access to the website and its content. Using the website would mean that you have duly accepted our terms and conditions as well as the submitting guidelines and read about our privacy policies carefully.

Website content would collectively refer to the images on the website which are made available under the Creative Commons. This document might get updated without prior notice. Further using the website would essentially indicate that you, as a user have understood and accepted these terms as stated.

Website content usage i.e. the images are released under Creative Commons Org. The images uploaded are loyalty free and copyright waived contents which you can further use even for commercial purpose without attributing the original owner or contributor. Backlinks to YNOTPICS would be appreciated but not a mandate.

Downloads and usage rights:

  • The images or website content cannot be used for any illegal and offensive purpose like defaming any identifiable person or photo morphing or for pornographic usage of any kind.
  • The content of the website cannot be used for any form of immoral acts or fraudulent purpose including but not limited to drug use/abuse, gambling, prostitution etc.
  • You cannot use the content of this website for any threatening purpose, tortuous act or any such activities which is potentially meant to pose any kind of harm to any individual or a common group of people
  • By using this website you agree not to use the content of this website for any unlawful agenda including but not limited to psychological harassment, any sort of discrimination based on race, caste, gender, ethnicity, language, religion and also refrain from creating any political issue/unrest and agree not to hurt people sentiment in any form.
  • The company doesn’t own the original right of each and every images it holds and thus you should refrain from using such images confidently for objectionable work.
  • You also agree to pose no threat and cause no harm to the proper functioning of the website by using the content of the website which would also include sublicensing, selling or reselling, exploit, transfer or modify the website content to any third party for mutual benefits eventually harming this website.

Submitting or sharing images:

You are welcomed to Submit photographs to this website and we may decide to share and screen those photos after evaluating based on our parameters. We strictly prohibit and avoid adult materials.

Any image which you Submit, by default gets released under Creative Commons Org. and you agree not to hold any royalty and loyalty rights against your photos/images. You would agree to the fact that you’re not liable to be compensated for the viewing, reproducing and usage of your Submitted content by any other users of this website at any circumstances. By Submitting photos to this website, you warranty that you own the rights to the images that you are submitting to us.

You also warranty that the company doesn’t allow images to be Submitted which are legally objectionable and infringe any copyright issue. You as a user accept the fact that YNOTPICS can’t be made responsible for image abuse or misuse caused by any other user using this same website.

We also propagate the laws of ‘Model Release’ where we do not allow uploading and using of images where any identifiable individual or brand name or organization name is present unless there is a consent for such kind of public usage or commercial usage.

We, the company shall also reserve the rights to remove any image which doesn’t meet the standards of quality or violates any sort of rights. The company will also have the rights to investigate and prosecute if any of the above guidelines and violated or breached by any user in any form.

Account termination/discontinuation:

You also accept that we can also terminate your account immediately without any prior notice of whatsoever kind on legal grounds or when your account has observed breaching these terms and conditions or our privacy and submitting guidelines at any point of time.

Liability and warranty:

By using this website, you shall also agree not to hold the company or us from and against any loss or damage of whatsoever nature that includes any attorney fees rising directly or indirectly from your usage of our website and breaching our terms and conditions. This agreement shall also stand strong in case if your usage of any photos from our website attracts any claim by third party. You cannot hold the company responsible for your act.

YNOTPICS would not be liable to you or any other entity regarding its content for any general, punitive, special or incidental damage of whatever nature arising out of any user using the website’s content.